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You first need to pick a cause close to your heart that you believe others would be interested in donating to.To run a successful campaign you’ll need more than just a good cause though.It’s a low-key way to get everyone with a smartphone, which, let’s be honest, is everyone these days, involved in giving back.Do you need to raise money for a personal cause like medical care, a community event, or an upcoming trip?Individual crowdfunding websites make it easy to raise money from friends, family, and the community at large.

There are plenty of giving kiosk providers that can help your nonprofit.

However, you’ll need to do some research because all giving kiosks were not created equal and you’ll want to invest in one that has the most relevant features for your organization, projects, and cause. After you’ve done your research on different giving kiosk companies, all you’ll need to do is pick one.

From there, you’ll select one of their giving kiosks (the one that suits your needs best) and that’s all you need! When you get your kiosk, you’ll just need to inform your community on how it’s used.

Choose a platform that lets you customize your page and tell your story with video and images. A giving kiosk is essentially a way for your congregants to give using their credit or debit cards.

The on-site donation tool lets them select a donation amount and pay right then and there!

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