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The first option, and the one that can solve your problem right away, is to simply find a bank that doesn’t use Chex Systems.

This is just a regular, plain old bank account with a (physical) bank, but a bank that doesn’t do a Chex Systems check (so they don’t know you have a Chex Systems record).

You don’t want to have BAD CREDIT and a Chex Systems record — this will make it even more difficult to get a new bank account, though yes, you can have poor credit and a Chex Systems record and still find a bank account (read our article about how to open a legit bank account if you have bad credit).

The bottom line: do a check on your credit score, know what it is, and if it’s bad, work on improving it.

Best Bank Account without Chex Systems: For a regular checking account, we recommend trying to apply for the BBVA Compass Clear Choice Free Checking Account.

BBVA often gives this full blown checking account to people with Chex Systems problems.

Before you begin, you should know your credit score. Because your credit score (which is based on your credit history) is what credit cards companies, mortgage lenders, and pretty much every credit institution out there looks at to determine whether you have access to any sort of credit.

And it’s also ONE factor banks MAY use to determine your bank account eligibility.

Both her bank and her grandfather’s bank’s tellers called each other and verified it was a legit check, so the check was cashed by the bank.The dirty truth is that if you have your name added to the Chex Systems database, you are going to have to prepare to battle for your bank account. I’ve seen a lot of sites out there that try and scam people into some solution that does not exist.First, let’s look at some of the common ways you can end up getting a Chex Systems record: These are only four of the most common ways people get their name added to the Chex Systems records.I’m not saying you can’t get a major bank chain that won’t look at your Chex Systems record, but they usually tend to use Chex Systems, so you are best off with local banks or credit unions.Now, as I’ve stated, one option is to look at an online bank account – many, many of these are not partnered with Chex Systems meaning it’s a good way to get a bank account with bad credit (bad banking credit that is).

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