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Try the limited edition Galaxy for your friend who claims to already have every sex toy ever.Fucking Sculptures Galaxy, 0, available at Fucking Sculptures.It's great for your friend who travels a lot for work, or for that Virgo in your life who just loves having everything in its proper place. (And my friends with prostates tell me it never lets them down, either.) The stainless steel design is incredibly erotic and non-porous for easy cleaning.

The Aslan bondage belt is designed for this very purpose.The rotating beads in the B Vibe stem stimulate your sphincter muscles, much like the pearls in the infamous Rabbit vibe.And since it’s designed to recreate the experience of getting a rim job, this toy is perfect for all the salad-tossers (and toss-ees) in your life. Trenchcoat X subscription So, you know someone who wants to be an ethical porn consumer.Sex toys make the best presents for all kinds of people.Your shy, inexperienced bestie might just need an enthusiastic friend to more or less put a vibrator in her hand.

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