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The suicide came after a 15-second video showing her father questioning Laxamana after cutting off her hair as punishment for unspecified behavior was shared online. ” the father says for the camera as he pans from his daughter’s face to a pile of hair lying at her feet. Board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. While many have criticized the father online, police say he didn’t upload the video and that it wasn’t meant to be published. In the 15-second video posted to You Tube, Izabel Laxamana appears to stand emotionless as a man behind the camera questions her recent transgressions which are not named. " he asks before panning to the sight of long locks of black hair on the ground. According to their findings so far, the video was leaked by a third party who thought they were being of help, Cool said. Shortly after an online video surfaced showing a 13-year-old girl being shamed by her father after he chopped off her hair, the teen jumped to her death from a Tacoma bridge, police said. "She was a 13-year-old that made some poor choices, meaning that she didn't have to kill herself," Cool said while also calling the family's choice of discipline poor.They say their daughter kept a journal, detailing the abuse she went through at school.

— A 13-year-old Washington girl took her own life after her father recorded a video of him punishing her, sparking a debate over public shaming videos posted online by parents. “She was a 13-year-old that made some poor choices, meaning that she didn’t have to kill herself,” Tacoma Public Information Officer Loretta Cool told the New York Daily news.

Officers searched the area but did not find the suspect. Anyone with information about the attack should call Det. Comer at 910-703-7752 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477.

A 13-year-old girl, reported missing on Thursday, has been found safe, the New Orleans Police Department announced Friday. The girl was last seen early Thursday morning around leaving her Bywater home for school.

And as the Avilas prepare to take their daughter, Rosalie, off life support, her father Freddie says the bullies who drove her kill herself are still at school."I will not let Rosie's name die in vain, because that child should have never had to go through what she went through," said parent Robert Ellis.

Rosalie Avila's parents say their daughter was bullied for years, and the district didn't help.

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