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Still, there were times when the idea of a permanent partner seemed appealing. Did I really want to know about that classic 1966 Mercedes SL he’d restored, or where his children went to school?Knowing I wouldn’t get this with a much younger man, I decided to remain open to dates with men nearer my own age, who could sing along to the Rolling Stones. Ever since my book was published, I’d been inundated with correspondence from older men who wanted to prove they had just as much going for them as the young bucks had. He was no matinee idol but looked presentable enough. No, I wanted the thrill of seeing a beautiful young man over the other side of the dinner table, laughing at my anachronisms and making me giddy with excitement.

The conclusion is that young women like older men because the relationship comes with benefits – lots of them.“Younger women often seek the companionship of older men for many reasons.It’s not just about the common denominator of what people think.We have seen it infuriate older women in public places like bars and restaurants.What they seem to forget is along the way of the women’s revolution in the past twenty years young women have evolved very different beasts at 21-27 plus years compared to twenty years ago.

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