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(Some sleazebags would accept hearing this, although with one this shameless, who knows.) But if your boss isn’t the owner of the company, talking to HR — or his boss directly, if the company is too small to have truly functioning HR — before you talk to your boss himself could provide you with some protection if he does try to retaliate against you for opting out of his philandering.For nearly 20 years, she has taught history, geography and religious studies in schools throughout the East Midlands city.There are people in that second category, strange as it can sound to people in the first category.Ultimately, since you can’t know that and this is your boss, I’d err on the side of staying out of that piece of it.When either of them visit, he locks his door and tells me he is not to be disturbed. He sometimes asks me to book local hotel rooms for an hour or an afternoon, and he sometimes buys jewelry and flowers for the two women he sees regularly.I know this because he sends me out to pick up the jewelry (which I later see them wearing) or asks me to have the flowers sent to them. One of the women just had a baby who is named after my boss and has his surname.Normally I honestly don’t care what people do in their own private lives, but I hate that I’m part of his lies to his wife.

For earlier that October day, wearing a grey suit with a skirt well below the knees, thick knitted black stockings, calf-length boots and her long brown hair completely covered, she stepped into a lift at the school with a male teacher. I am his assistant, so I know about all his visitors and his schedule.He is married, but he often has visits from two different women, and he outright told me to never tell his wife about them.Do you think I should let her know, or is this none of my business and I need to stay out of it? I hate that he’s compelling you to participate in his deception …not to mention sending you to massage parlors to deal with his tab (! And he tried telling you it was a strip club, as if that was somehow going to make it okay to send you there?! As for whether you should anonymously out him to his wife or not … Without knowing her, neither of us can know whether she’s someone who would want to get that tip-off, or whether she’s someone who would be happier never hearing about it, especially while she’s in the midst of a health crisis.

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