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I used to be a prior authorization nurse for Medicaid.I was on the phone all day approving nursing visits and medical equipment.Not only was it exhausting, but it made me want to crawl into a cave at the end of the day.Fortunately, there are lots of jobs that you can do from home without having to be on the phone.A couple of these opportunities are for those who choose to be their own bosses and control their own finances, everyone is not ready to be a boss. You can work as little or as much as you choose to according to each platform’s rules/guidelines: I noticed only 2 sites that have minimums to adhere to. It is set up through SKYO this is where your followers/supporters will send you messages.We all chat for free regularly, now we can choose to be paid to do it! In order for your followers to know about this unique opportunity it is important to use social media, blogs and other channels to let your followers know how they can get in touch.So why wouldn’t we take advantage of opportunities to earn from our conversations?

I am a college graduate with a Bachelor degree in Business Management.You can answer tickets from home or your favorite coffee shop! –6ya allows professional experts to earn money by providing quick help to customers over the phone. The job consists of chatting with customers on an online social community via a web-based interface.The moderators can benefit from our years of experience as one of the most successful and respected chat moderation companies based in Europe.Some of these companies do require experience or an accounting degree to apply, check them out for more details. Provide customer service detail via live chat and email.Most of these companies require individuals to be proficient typists. Data entry is one of the most common work-at-home jobs that I receive questions about.

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Most of us don’t mind Chatting, even with strangers as long as the conversation progresses or follows a path we have interest in.

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