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Materia works in strange ways, once I gave a patient Antimony Crudum for some ailment but in hours his rock like tennis ball like hanging tumor under his eyes was gone in some hours. He went to hundreds of homeopathys for the treatment of tumor but gave up.When I gave him antimony crudum I didn’t have that tumor in my mind.But for the benefit of all the members and to encourage further discussion, i have started a new thread and pasted it here.Rajiv Dear Joe, First of all, let me express my admiration for you as a compassionate human being.

A friend of mine, (Not a fundamentalist homeopath) asked me to fetch helix hedera from some vendor in USA because he was unable to find it in India, I happened to be in Mcleod Gung (Himalayas) and couried him just few leaves of it.I never consider myself a homeopath, but a believer of materia.Hahnemann instructed his students to make more provings, not to lick a fixed ‘The Last Testament’.Homeopathy does not end in a book but begins from the book and goes beyond for ever…If one happen to realize healing powers of materia and uses it with courage, God give him a hand.

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