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"Do onto others what has been done to me" "I need you to feel this" is talking about how he wants someone to feel what he went through No denis.

if you read the Tool issue of revolver he states that the record company was going to do a shirt for this song, but Maynard said no because the song is "about getting f*cked in the ass as a kid." And, lacie I heard Maynard is Bi. Keep an open mind when you listen to music.child abuse is a simple easy guess based on the apearance of the lyrics but anyone who listens to tool a lot can tell you that SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS is the exact oposite of how maynard presents the subject matter of a song. I have personaly heard maynard say that this song is about SELF ABUSE and how people tear them selves apart be it because they arent satisfied with who they are or their apearance!!!! i think the video is symbolic of a person picking away at themselves mentally and emotionaly.

Child abuse is truly "the gift that keeps on giving".

This song has absolutely ZERO relation to prison as an actual location or the type of abuse that happens in them. So the cycle continues, someone who was abused has the understandable desire to cast off the weight of those memories but they don't know how to go about it and they end up transferring that weight onto victims of their own.

First of all, molesting Devo is a riduculous theory... Here is why: Prison Sex: The lyrics are in no way vieled to listeners... All of the discussion here about prisons and "is Maynard gay?

I have never been sexually abused by a person but I feel sexually abused by the media.

I think Prison Sex, like many Tool songs, has several layers behind it.

They, in turn, pass those beliefs on to their own children.

I got as far as the post about Maynard not doing this to his son...but, as most of us agree, it's about abuse, and it's cyclical nature.

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Both songs are very deep and emotional for me, any other thoughts on this perspective?

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