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There are other ways to show you're a independent person be happy and enjoy life :) take care god bless Hi It OK to be treated like a queen sometimes ; D.However you may feel uncomfortable cause some people who courtship spent money and then they want something in return.If people who have a meal with you is your real friend, I think it is no need to fight for treating the dinner.If not a real friend, just a acquaintance, in that case maybe you should do this. If you are interested in having a relationship with him, why not let him pay.So to save your slef the problems just set up the rules right now. As I am a woman, of course, I do want 100% equality in job opportunities and other areas of life as well.Do you only want equality in some things or in all things.. However, I am not totally sure if it is right that for me to get benefits of traditional courtship, like being treated for dinners, or should I fight for the check, pay for it to prove my financial viability???In reality, what two people do on a date, including who pays for what, is pretty much their own business and it doesn't matter one way or the other as far as the customs of this scoiety are concerned.Traditionally, the man pays for the dinner, show, or whatever activities the couple enjoys together, but you can always offer to contribute without fear of violating social custom in this country.

One thing you will find in the United States is that the social customs, particularly dating customs, are generally more flexible than in other cultures.

That way you do not owe him anything & you can have a few excuses not to go out on your second date. On dates, you make the man feel he is a MAN by letting himpay for dinner. However if things are uncomfortable or do not go your way, you can always suggest on going dutch & paying half of dinner.

That way you do not owe him anything & you can have a few excuses not to go out on your second date. So, maybe there are instances that the girl asks out but my ASIAN brother tries to come up with his own money & pay for his date rather than going dutch.

However, beyond the second or third date, and once you get to know each other, the importance of this "role playing" diminishes significantly, and here you can offer to have things in a slightly less traditional manner. However, if you find yourself with someone who persists in traditional or "old fashioned" behaviours, then you have to decide if that is what you want from a guy or not. If you are not really serious about someone, it might be better to pay for yourself, so that you do not have to feel guilty for not seeing him any more.

(if he had spend 1000 dollars on you you would feel awkward.) If the man you like is paying for dinner, you could for example pay for small thing like an ice cream on the way, if you like, but it does not make you unequal if he is galant and likes to pay.

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