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After learning about stitching together 4K quality footage captured simultaneously from several to a dozen or more cameras, he knew he wanted to take 360-degree video making for a spin.Since then, he has fallen deep into the details of 360-degree video creation, with a growing passion for the art and technology.He pays it forward by sharing tips for creating 360-degree videos with others. “When I explain how it works, people don’t really get it until I pull out my Google Cardboard, put in my smartphone and show them the video I made of my daughter at the playground.” The student filmmakers also won a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend CES 2016, where they helped Intel create a 360 video of Neal performing her new song, , live at the Intel booth.While it’s exciting to watch these videos, Nguyen is getting an even bigger thrill out of making them.While the emerging habit of watching video on mobile devices has been a fairly apparent trend for some time, the eye-opening statistic is that vertical video is estimated to be somewhere between 6 and 9 times more engaging.On first glance, this metric might shock you, but the reason that vertical video is more engaging becomes more apparent after a little digging into user behavior.As 360-degree video goes mainstream, this DYI tinkerer offers tips as he finds ways to use the immersive technology for live events like CES 2016.

“My dream is that one day the capability can fit in the palm of your hand, so people can use their phone to live video chat while the other person controls the 360-degree camera perspective,” said Nguyen, a technical marketing engineer at Intel.

But it’s her vertical video prediction that gave me pause (if you’ll pardon the pun) for thought.

Referencing data from Zenith’s report that says 2016 saw video consumption on Mobile devices take the lead from consumption on fixed devices such as laptops and smart TVs, it seems that 2017 really is the time to start getting your head around producing video in formats that are native to mobile devices.

Many 360-degree video makers today, like Nguyen and the tightrope walking Flying Frenchies, rely on ingenuity, existing tech and sheer willpower, but they also seek help from the growing online community that constantly shares new knowledge.

Dive in Nguyen, an amateur video maker, wanted to find innovative ways to push new PC technologies to their limits.

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Vertical video is basically more engaging on mobile because that’s how the majority of people hold their phones.

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