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“I get more fascinated the deeper I get into the emotional wonders and technical challenges of the medium,” he said.“Vertical Video” or portrait format will become a mainstay video ad format by 2018.Rather a digital video camera or smartphone, he’s using new technology that allows him to synchronize many cameras to capture everything in front, back, up, down and all sides of the camera.Nguyen is already moving beyond making 360-degree “spherical” videos to forging a path for others interested in using this immersive technique to cover live events like debates or sports matches.

He believes 2016 will bring a proliferation of ideas, tips, and tools that will attract more filmmakers into this technically challenging medium.It requires as many as a dozen — or more — interlocking cameras, a powerful laptop computer, extremely fast data transfer technology, an internet server and lots of trial an error.“My dream is that one day the capability can fit in the palm of your hand, so people can use their phone to live video chat while the other person controls the 360-degree camera perspective,” said Nguyen, a technical marketing engineer at Intel.As 360-degree video goes mainstream, this DYI tinkerer offers tips as he finds ways to use the immersive technology for live events like CES 2016.In just five months, Khoi Nguyen took his curiosity to the cutting edge of 360-degree video making, a fledgling trend poised to become pervasive in 2016.

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