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A source close to Beverly says the now-retired officer is indignant ...

saying the arrest had nothing to do with homophobia ... Although Tasya claims the incident was minor, police documents show there was actual property damage ...

First, Amber has made is clear that she was bisexual before she met Johnny and still is despite them being married.

Second, she told W Magazine, Since we know Amber likes the ladies, maybe she just decided to make Depp her b*tch… Johnny Depp is selling his nearly million estate in France because Amber Heard says it reminds him of his ex Vanessa Paradis and he renamed his Caribbean island property “” Wow.

Somewhere in London there is a machine that will straight up tell you if you are objectively beautiful.

Much like taking an IQ test, this is a dangerous and tantalizing proposition best left so not experienced.

That's not unusual for a Hollywood star, to be sure.It's cool that the technology exists, but infinitely less cool that it exists in a plastic surgeon's office where I'm sure women wounded by the number are more than eager to hear how the good doctor will "fix" them. Add to that knowledge the fact that the dude is doing a full court press of advertising capitalizing on an abuse victim's highly publicized divorce and you've got a final product that's anything but beautiful.Amber Heard's ex-girlfriend, who just claimed Amber's 2009 arrest for domestic violence was bogus because the cop was a homophobe with a hint of misogyny ...couldn't be further off the mark, because the officer is an openly gay woman who also contributed money to a domestic violence organization.Amber's ex-domestic partner, Tasya van Ree, minimized their altercation at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, saying it was "misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a powerful position." She's referring to the cops who arrested Amber for allegedly grabbing and hitting Tasya.

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She's also posted pics of herself at Pride weekend.

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