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The way Amish youth socialize in their groups varies widely though, depending on how “fast” or “slow” their particular group is.

Slower groups revolve around the Sunday evening singing, which is often adult-supervised.

Once married this period of life is over.”It does not explicitly mean a time to “get wild”, “sow oats”, or “taste the world” (even though that is what Amish youth end up doing).

Songs are sung from various hymnbooks, in German and in some cases in English.

In addition to the biological changes of puberty, they experience cognitive changes that allow them to think more abstractly. And as they seek greater independence, they often come into conflict with parents.

Most get through adolescence with few problems, establishing identities and preparing for adulthood.

See Richard Stevick’s work for a current account of smartphone and internet use among Amish youth. These are typically stories involving parties, underage alcohol possession, and sometimes DUI arrests. Amish teenage boys get their first buggies at a similar time as American males get their first cars – on turning 16.

In contrast, young Amish females rarely have their own buggies.

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The purpose of these is to socialize with peers and to find a marriage partner.

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