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Zarin Koub was the longtime head of the department of history, religion and philosophy, at the University of Tehran.He has also lectured at Columbia University and elsewhere.

Because many, many other intellectuals and literati in Iran at that time were promptly executed.The Jewish scriptures show a censure of violence as well, even violence that had been ordered by God himself.For example, King David was not chosen to build the temple, but that task went rather to his son Solomon, because, the reason was given, that David had been a warrior and had shed blood.[8.65] O Prophet!The Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: ‘Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him;’ but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Sahih Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan wa Ashrat as-Sa’ah, Book 41, 6985)It can accurately be said, that a Muslim who believes that Islam is a religion of peace not war, is not a true Muslim.Muslims are, however, supposed to SAY that it is a religion of peace, because part of being a good Muslim, at least a good Shia Muslim, is to lie to infidels.

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