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Meanwhile, Ann discovers Andy (Chris Pratt) living in the pit. Her first date with Dave is approaching fast, and Leslie is very nervous.So Ann takes her out on a practice date to test out her skills.In the premiere episode, John Stamos breaks the fourth wall to make a Mary-Kate and Ashley joke.

This clever remake of Norman Lear s 70s hit about a single mother raising two teenage daughters is more charming and funny than many of its seemingly edgier peers.

Meanwhile, Ann (Rashida Jones) goes on a date with Mark (Paul Schneider).

Leslie will be judging the annual Miss Pawnee beauty pageant, and Tom swings a favor to become a judge as well.

Daredevil rides Cox s charisma and chemistry with Rosario Dawson s Claire Temple, which would go a long way if you didn t have to squint to see it -- the show is dark in tone and literal lighting..

--MP Netflix s commitment to old-fashioned sitcom junk food like The Ranch is endearing.

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Tonally, it s kind of like Bo Jack Horseman minus all the animals and Hollywood bullshit -- still worth it.

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  1. "My friends can't understand why even so-called players want to run down the aisle with me," she says. Soak em in, then do some super-attracting of your own. "When you're out seeking your penguin'—you know, because penguins mate for life—men sense that, and no guy wants or needs that kind of pressure." Adam Lo Dolce, a Boston-based dating coach and author of (cheesy title, solid advice), agrees. "Showing a guy that it won't be a nightmare to bring you to a family dinner is a good first step." Philadelphian Meredith Klein, 23, sums it up this way: "Someone else's strengths don't make you look bad—but being jealous and insecure does."We're not talking a schmancy restaurant.