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He planned to release an extended play, which would in turn lead to an eventual release of an album.

Werkheiser had written over 45 songs, though he hadn't decided which to include on an EP or album.

I was wondering how could reconnect with everyone and do something positive. I really feel I need to make a difference in any way I can and do my best to empower, bring people together and be a voice of truth. I’ve been here for 16 years or so and it’s still scary a lot of days. You’re going to live on the edge when going for your dreams. Make sure it’s not about fame or validation from other people. There’s a surface-y aspect to LA; there’s this world you can get caught in of surfaceness and superficiality. Almost Famous, About Time, and the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

You’re from Atlanta and moved to LA to pursue your acting career, I recently did the same – what advice can you give people moving to chase their dreams? If your dreams inspire and scare you, go for them and understand you’re going to have to work hard. What I love about LA is the depth of the artistic community out here. For a while I had reservations about posting us on social media because the strange thing is I like being connected but some parts I want to keep private.

The official music video was released via You Tube on June 15, 2010. His second single, "Sparks Will Fly", was released July 29, 2010 on i Tunes.Here are seven co-star pairings who broke all the rules and did the dirty with the same person. Lily Collins Taylor Lautner dated Lily Collins after meeting her on the set of Abduction in 2010. Before these two lovebirds broke all of our Bella and Edward hopes and dreams when they tragically split, Rob actually went on a blind date with artist Soko. On-screen sisters Nikki and Ashley were both involved with Ryan Phillippe.Sadly, they split up just a week before the movie premiered, making for rather awkward interactions on the red carpet. Nikki in 2007, way before she married her husband Ian Somerhalder, and Ashley later in 2013.It’s definitely something – it’s a big part of my life and who I am, being on that show for 3 years ages 12-15. I want to be known for other stuff I’m capable of, but I’m okay with Ned being apart of that image. There’s so much growth and beauty for anyone who has dreams like that. That really was my biggest start of the world I love, acting. The fans are so gracious and awesome they leave me feelings so loved, I would never turn my back on it. Devon’s Survival Guide started because I had some free time and I’ve been talking with fans on Twitter, etc. My calling is to be a positive influence in the world; acting and music is apart of that. Make sure it’s in service to the world or your growth.

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The reason it’s called Prologue is because it’s a collection of older singles; first singles I’ve ever released, new singles from my newer EP’s as well as something new for you guys, also acoustic versions of these songs. I’m in two really difficult professions, acting and music. You have to be really good and work really hard and work consistently for a long period.

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