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Designed for use as either a main text or a supplement, Readings in Deviant Behavior includes selections with high student-appeal. Images of deviance / Stephen Pfohl ; Defining deviancy down / Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Pt. All of the readings have been carefully edited for clarity and conciseness to ensure that they are enjoyable and useful in helping students learn. Artist in residence Brian Jekel said, “PCC’s program is distinctive for those desiring to learn how to draw, paint, and illustrate in a traditional, realistic manner.Our students learn that art is visual communication, and that excellence and God-honoring work is priority.The sixth edition features many new articles that reflect current trends.

Studio art and graphic design programs include internships in the field and courses to develop digital portfolios and self-promotional materials for potential employers. On the graduate level, PCC’s Master of Arts (2 yr.) and Master of Fine Arts (3 yr.) programs provide students with personalized, intensive instruction for developing advanced skills in a chosen medium.Most college art programs promote unrestrained “freedom of expression,” reflected in artwork with worldly philosophies.But PCC’s art program emphasizes traditional artistic principles, thus students create professional level artwork. Calhoun, and former College at Brockport faculty member Addrain Conyers. Becker ; Phenomenological theory / Jack Katz ; Conflict theory / Richard Quinney ; Feminist theory / Kathleen Daly -- Pt. ": extreme support for the death penalty / Margaret Vandiver, David J. Adler, Peter Adler ; Being sane in insane places / David L. Wonders, Raymond Michalowski ; Flawed theory and method in studies of prostitution / Ronald Weitzer ; Exotic dancers: "Where am I going to stop? Wesely ; "Everyone knows who the sluts are": how young women get around the stigma / Jennifer L. Includes chapter by College at Brockport faculty member Denise A. Rosenhan ; The emergence of hyperactive adults as abnormal / Peter Conrad, Deborah Potter -- Pt. Managing the stigma of personal bankruptcy / Deborah Thorne, Leon Anderson ; The stigma of obesity / Erich Goode ; What is it like to be a rural lesbian?

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