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The conflict was engineered, said Pearlman, “So his team, somehow, would be absorbed by the NFL. Mr Trump responded at the time with a series of tweets disparaging the NFL.

“It was fun,” said Mr Trump of his time with the USFL.

He began his onslaught at a rally in Alabama when he urged NFL to sack “son of a bitch” players who protest, and followed up with a series of tweets belittling TV ratings for football games and accusing the league and its players of being unpatriotic.

Pearlman has now said he believes the President’s hostility may be linked to the NFL’s rejection of him in the 1980s.

Tollin is a sad guy who is living in the past.” Mr Trump sent Mr Tollin a brief, handwritten note.

“Mike,” wrote the future US president, “A third rate documentary – and extremely dishonest (as you know).

and got to meet honoree/black girl movie magic maker Ava Duvernay. He knew that this is something that a lot of people probably don’t want to talk about. And, he wants America great, because we’re proud to be Americans and to have rights like freedom of speech.

Rather than revolving the story around Ansari, the show pushed his homegirl Denise (played by Lena Waithe who also wrote that episode) into the role of protagonist.

“I interviewed a guy who was at the meeting,” said Pearlman, “And he was like, Rozelle said to him, ‘You will never be an owner in the NFL.Joyce reassures her that she has raised an intelligent, hard-working, respectful young woman, therefore making her private life “nobody’s business.” At one point in the earnest back-and-forth, Joyce says, “Well get used to it, because one of these days she gon’ bring home one of her little girlfriends! ” In a world where prejudice, racism and bigotry are all used interchangeably without little nuance or context, and the racial animus of the historically privileged is frequently falsely equivocated with the perpetually marginalized, it’s easy to perceive Catherine’s comment as symbolic of her ignorance.But the reality is, the comment “don’t bring home no White girl or boy! Catherine waves her away, fighting back an explosion of tears and says, “I just …I don’t want life to be hard for you.“We had a great lawsuit.” After the programme came out, Mr Trump declared: “The documentary is third-rate, as was spring football.Football was meant to be played in the fall and I realised that early on.

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