Angie martinez dating juelz

She grew up in Chicago, where she says she was “a nightmare” for her immigrant parents — even though she went to a “hardcore academic school” and played “competitive piano” on weekends.

At Hot 97, where she's worked for 10 years and is now the news director, the Korean-American Miss Info is used to being the only Asian person in the room.

To her, this is a tired question with a simple answer: Hip-hop adapts to survive.

Twenty years deep in the game, Info knows this better than most.

When she speaks, she tends to pause, carefully choosing her words. That's how you felt as a hip-hop fan: ' I walked 8 miles in the snow and and killed my own prey, just to find this one Ron G mixtape!

"I think I was kept out of the mix — which is why I was planning prom dresses and limo reservations, as if I was dating a regular high school student.” She took the SAT prep classes her parents insisted upon and got into Columbia. '”Even as a kid, Oh preferred to become consumed with something rather than casually enjoy it. So she “found a stable, took a bus, and rode horses” whenever she could.

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