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The clear paint is likely a mixture of eggwhite and calcium carbonate, while the green paint is tentatively characterized by copper and copper-chlorine resinate; the crystalline material might be atacamite or another copper-chlorine compound.Analysis of the red-brown paint indicated a red ochre with the crystal phases hematite and iron sulfide.There is strong evidence that many of the book's bifolios were reordered at various points in its history, and that the original page order may well have been quite different from what it is today.Radiocarbon dating of samples from various parts of the manuscript was performed at the University of Arizona in 2009.Minor amounts of lead sulfide and palmierite were possibly present in the red-brown paint.Computer scientist Jorge Stolfi of the University of Campinas highlighted that parts of the text and drawings are modified, using darker ink over a fainter earlier script.

The total number of pages is around 240, but the exact number depends on how the manuscript's unusual foldouts are counted.The bulk of the text in the 240-page manuscript is written in an unknown script, running left to right.Most of the characters are composed of one or two simple pen strokes.The ductus flows smoothly, giving the impression that the symbols were not enciphered; there is no delay between characters, as would normally be expected in written encoded text.The text consists of over 170,000 characters, The structure of these words seems to follow phonological or orthographic laws of some sort; for example, certain characters must appear in each word (like English vowels), some characters never follow others, or some may be doubled or tripled but others may not.

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The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system.

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