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Cut to an idyllic river, where Ryuunosuke rows Ran in a boat past Mr. Ryuunosuke has the advantage on the water, but Ataru does his best, shouting to her not to do anything dumb.Eventually they come to a stop about ten feet apart, an exhausted Ataru collapsed against Lum, while Ran asks if she can try rowing.As Ataru sneaks up behind her chair, Ryuu takes a huge bite of the parfait, then sees that Ran is eating it delicately.She tries to imitate her, but Ataru pops up behind her, and she tosses him back toward Lum.In Ataru’s room, Lum has just finish telling him the situation, and his resolution is fired to save Ryuunosuke from a life of improper dating and dogs and cats living together, or whatever. Fujinami is preparing Ryuunosuke for her first date, although she denies that’s what it is.Ryuunosuke sets out, duded up in her best sweater vest and excited about meeting someone who can teach her to be a girl, although she already has a good shoujo sparkle going.

He confirms that he drugged her soup, but their sparring is interrupted by Ran arriving at the store and asking for an eraser. Fujinami flies through the wall, sells her an eraser, and leaps back into the fray.

Ran pulls Lum into the “Lady” room to demand to know what’s going on.

She accuses Lum of trying to sabotage her because she (Lum) is in love with Ryuunosuke, and proposes a double date to prove who’s in control.

Back in the hallway, Ryuu concludes that Ran is perfectly feminine, and when school ends, Ran finds what appears to be a love letter in her shoe locker.

She’s about to blow it off when she realizes that it’s from someone in Lum’s class, and goes there to ask who Fujinami is.

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