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No telling if this subtly named site is for plus-size people or fans of the Austin Powers franchise.

Herpes Fish There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not as many with herpes. For those on the opposite end of the spectrum, this is the perfect site to find a little clown love for yourself. Tindog As ridiculous as it sounds, Tindog is the inevitable portmanteau creation of Tinder and, well, dog.

For those looking to bond over the most mundane thing they could possibly have in common.

While the company offered her the chance to reapply, "Nobody has said they would secure our benefits," said Grote.

"We care about team member happiness and excellence," proclaims Whole Foods Market's official employee handbook -- but apparently that doesn't apply to the seven cleaners laid off at the company's South Austin bakery facility this month.

Given only 10 days' notice, the employees, all of whom are Hispanic, were informed that they would be replaced by an outside cleaning service that the company says can fulfill the workers' jobs as well as other duties more efficiently.

"That question has been asked specifically by everyone." Why not transfer Garcia and the other affected employees to other departments directly, he asks.

"If they were really offering another position, the workers shouldn't have to reapply." Whole Foods' list of "core values" promises an empowering environment for workers, and in some ways the company lives up to that claim -- suggested by its recent rankings in the top half of Fortune magazine's list of 100 best American companies to work for.

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