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One is the uniform of the soccer club she plays in with Tai, consisting of a red T-shirt with a white collar, white lines on the sleeves and a white "11" on the back, white shorts with a vertical red line on each side, white socks with red borders, and black and red football cleats with white marks on them.

The other is of the all-girls team she played in previously, consisting of a blue T-shirt with a white collar, purple lines on the sleeves, white shorts with a vertical red line on each side and red waist, white socks with purple borders, and black and red football boots with white marks on them.

She also wears a wine-colored skirt, white socks, and gray and cerulean sneakers.

During winter, she wears a yellow sweater under a blue hooded coat with a white ruff in the hood, two pockets and three dark blue buttons, a pink scarf, turquoise gloves, a purple skirt, brown stockings, and turquoise boots with white soles.

Haruhiko Takenouchi (Father)Toshiko Takenouchi (Mother)Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Husband)Hiroaki Ishida (Father-in-law)Nancy Takaishi (Mother-in-law)Takeru "T.

K." Takaishi (Brother-in-law)Daughter Son Nephew(En:) Duane (Cousin) By 1999, Sora is a preteen girl, much taller than she was four years before.

As a preteen, she is a bit tomboyish, from the way she dresses to her hobbies.

She also wears a blue skirt, pink and yellow striped stockings, and white boots. When she feels someone needs her help, she will not turn them down, even at the cost of her own well-being.

But if all thirty ladies turn off their lights, the game ends and the bachelor will go out on a date empty handed.

Based on the British game show of the same name which in turn was based on the short-lived Australian game show called Taken Out.

After an injury, she also wears a white bandage on her left leg.

2000, she wears a pink and purple striped shirt with long sleeves, partially tucked inside blue jeans with a pocket on each side and a brown belt.

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