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They also speak to the privilege they had growing up in a middle-class family, with access to physical and mental health care in Australia.Overall, this book is empowering and essential for a modern youth take on current gender and identity issues.The autobiography of Nevo is insightful and youthful.Descriptions of bullying and lack of acceptance will be relatable to many readers whether they identify as LGBTQ or not.And it's like those people that are telling you are technicians. But I will be able to tweak film better than you tweak a digital image, because it just can't hold really bright skies to this black thing.

Based on these and other factors, and depending on the maturity of readers, this book certainly could be recommended as early as 8th grade.'He's so kind to people.'Identifying the most with her Latin heritage - she's half Puerto Rican, a quarter African-American and a quarter German - the star proudly admitted that she inherited the tough, independent traits that come with it.'He wears the pants in our relationship, which I love,' she said.HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT REVIEW: This is the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series, not counting the prequel.Finding Nevo relates the challenges involved with not conforming to heteronormative culture and the different expectations placed on female and male members of society.Nevo discusses how different it was to present as male but still hold strong opinions on feminist issues.

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Throughout the book there is no specific agenda pushed other than acceptance of those who feel they do not belong to one gender identity.

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