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Addictions, unpleasant habits, constant fault-finding and regular tiffs are also masquerading as relationship murderers. Controlling Behavior If one of you is intent on controlling the other person’s life and wants to know every move, you know what it means right?

Come on, we’re all adults and no one likes being told what to do at every step so if the controlling behavior doesn’t end, the relationship is likely too. Too Dependent/ Independent Becoming way too dependent on a partner and clinging to them for everything is a relationship no-no.

If one partner is living in the past and doesn’t want to move on, it’s hard to enjoy the present with them.

The past can also affect relationships if partners can’t relate to each other’s history and this becomes a stumbling block.

Also, if each partner has different goals and ideas for the future, the relationship might have trouble fitting into the plan. No Communication Lack of proper communication means no one really knows what’s going on and the relationship just sort of fizzles out. Boys: Put that ego aside and tell the lady how you feel.Also, your quick footedness may not be mirrored by your partner and you could end up scaring them off. Day To Day Drama Real life issues can slowly chip away at a relationship if not handled well enough.Money woes, work pressures, not spending enough time together and daily routines can easily become deal breakers.With thousands of BBW singles and BBM singles in our community, you could be moments away from meeting your next truly great catch!Get the best BBW dating app today and meet singles near you!

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Always insisting on doing everything alone and emphasizing you don’t need anyone can translate to: “I don’t need a partner/relationship” for the other person. Some relationships end over one mean remark while others end after it happens repeatedly.

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