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The Crime Beat show has been on the air since January 2011 and has listeners in 130 plus countries.Guests have included Henry Hill, Noam Chomsky, George Jung, Joe Pistone (aka Donnie Brasco) and Chris Kyle, American sniper, among others.Currently, Ron teaches online courses in the journalism program of UCLAs Extension Division.

The crime drama grossed more than 0 million internationally and is one of the most successful releases of a gangster movie in Hollywood history.

Twenty years later, a man was arrested in New York City.

His DNA, recorded in the FBIs criminal database because of an old drug conviction, had been matched to evidence from another 1992 rape that was similar to Winslows, and the police were able to link the crimes.

Blood of Patriots offers a witty and unsettling look at political rhetoric gone haywire and a movement the FBI considers the single greatest threat to law enforcement in the nation.

Bill Fulton still works for the FBI and lives in an undisclosed location.discusses her new book, Kathryn Kelley: The Moll behind Machine Gun Kelley.

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  1. Set up on both Twitter and Facebook in 2009, Nightline now has a million Twitter followers and over 80,000 Facebook likes. The social network popularity gives viewers a voice and interactive freedom.