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I think one show with us together is probably enough, though!

Your character Christine Johnson is a bit of a baddie – what’s that like to play?

__BREAK7__ Did you have to get to grips with handling guns?

I did have a bit of training with our on-set armourer, who’s an ex-police firearms guy, and that was quite fun.

What, driving fast cars and shooting guns for six months?

It was a complete transgression to childhood, and running around the woods with stick guns.

You say you’d like these emotionally taxing roles, a bit more dialogue-based, but to actually run around with guns and drive fast cars is absolutely, definitely brilliant, and all of my friends would love to do that, I’m sure. I had to wear a thigh holster, which wasn’t attached properly, and my gun fell out into the mud, in front of all these extras – army guys with soldiering experience, and I had to arrest the team.I got to go to the armoury and fire a number of different guns, and learn how to go into a room and search down for armed suspects – but not monsters, obviously! It’s very controlled though, I’m not firing rounds on set – so as long as no one’s too close to the end of the barrel, you’re pretty safe!Does playing Becker satisfy your childhood fantasies of being an action hero?She’s a very strong character too, so she always says whatever she feels like saying – it’s very satisfying to play one of those ‘out there’ women, which is a fantastic opportunity for an actress, as you rarely get those ballsy women to play. __BREAK6__ She’s all about very red lipstick, well-made Italian suits, she likes to be sharp.She actually borrowed one of my own suits – which I enjoyed a lot, though I rather trashed it during filming.

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