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The recipe was reformulated in 1938, but since then has been unchanged.Things to note are that it’s been triple-distilled, and undergoes a three-stage filtration process, with quartz sand, activated charcoal and then back through quartz sand.With winter wheat being used as a distillate in many Russian vodkas, many in our list will offer a slight sweetness.And while many of these vodkas are lovely enough to be sipped neat, we’re also looking at how well they mix.After all the country is one of the largest consumers of the spirit in the world.So they really do know a thing or two about how to make it.On the nose, it really doesn’t give much away, save for some slightly bready notes.

But if you’re looking for a sipping vodka, this may well be it.

And again, there’s that soft mouth feel and creamy finish.

We love the embossed bottle, which makes it pretty giftable, too.

It all results in a vodka that’s very fresh, clean and with something a little cotton-like, or green on the nose.

To sip, it’s expansive, coating the whole of the mouth, and with a hot, dry finish.

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Because, really, that’s how you’re most likely to drink it. You’re going to need your sunglasses for all the light reflecting off this glitzy bottle.

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