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My Father Kevin, is a loving father who works most of they day, is never around, but has a great job that provides us all with a 2 story roof over our heads.I am Lisa, a german girl living close to the border of the Netherlands.Actually, I must have enjoyed a lot because I didn't really recognize that Bruno started to hump me and suddenly I felt something between my legs.I looked and saw his dig between my legs (Yes, I still wore my pajamas) and I stopped the play again.It has a lot of many different rooms which all cover a certain aspect of sex.Some of this is really crazy stuff and I really didn't liked it all.I still felt his hart and hot prick entering me, the pain and his strength.

Again it took not long and Bruno was on me and after a few humps he entered me.

The next morning I still felt bad but definitely better.

I scolded a bit at Bruno but when I look in his innocent eyes I got him his food and everything was ok.

I fled to the bathroom and started crying because I was totally confused. I took a shower and went to sleep without looking at Bruno who didn't really knew what happened.

Yes I liked the "game" with Bruno but there is a difference between phantasy and reality. Of course I couldn't sleep, still thinking what just had happened!

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A horny dog is not really a gentle lover and Bruno was quite eager to use the moment with all his strength.

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