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Sending and receiving email is transparent to the end-user through the Blackberry and are sent and received as the primary email address in Exchange.

Emails sent from the Blackberry are stored in the users Sent Items folder in Exchange and all without having to set up a Blackberry Enterprise Exchange Server and without having to start up and open POP3 on your Exchange server.

I've seen a couple of providers weirdly encode the From: address so a rule may not work.

You will see for instance From: Joe Bloggs If you are having problems with the rules not matching, just check the email headers and set a rule to match the encoded address as well.

With this particular customer that had PINs stored in Outlook Contact User Field1, the PIN’s were missing from the Black Berry.

As mentioned in the statement above, the PIN improperly synced on an early release of the Black Berry 10.2 OS.

Suspecting that the Black Berry PIN sync was not working, we did some diagnostic tests.

We discovered that a change on the Black Berry handheld software has left a lot of handheld users in the dark. While it is great to see that BBM is a successful Instant Messaging platform, I think the relentless drive to improve it has derailed some loyal Black Berry customers.

The steps to attain this are thus:- To find your PIN & IMEI perform one of the following actions: There are two methods.

You either set-up on your blackberry directly or using the Blackberry Internet Service web interface.

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