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Human – This one tracks your activities throughout the day and pushes you to get up and move for 30 minutes every day.That’s important because while you may not be physically close to your phone all the time, you will be able to see that reminder on the watch to get up and move at least 30 minutes a day.The app includes a timer within the Watch to notify you when to take certain items out of the oven.Strava – Know how high you climbed, your average speed, distance and heart rate in real-time as well as segment by segment updates to keep you pushing forward in your workout.It also allows them to check on the time remaining for the chosen yoga session or manage the session by using the play, pause or use the back and forth controls.Water Minder – This is a pretty straightforward app that helps folks stay hydrated by reminding them to drink up.This app provides a way to track what you are eating and drinking throughout the day and then look it up later to figure out how many calories you’ve consumed.It also provides the right portion size and which foods to avoid.

Fitstar Yoga – Instead of having to look up at the screen or instructor to make sure you have the pose right, this app helps the user see what the proper pose looks like right on their wrist.

Runtastic – The Apple Watch will have three apps from the popular run tracking platform: The original Runtastic to track runs using GPS, Runtastic Six Pack and Runtastic Butt Trainer.

The apps include a Glances feature to display an avatar that will demonstrate the right way to do each exercise.

The Apple Watch, Apple’s first step into the world of wearables, starts shipping to consumers today.

The Watch marks an interesting time in the wearable fitness space, in particular.

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This is a good one for the Watch as it can record and upload vital signs right from your wrist.

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