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So really for me it was, as I talk about [in] the book, a slow burn; it didn’t happen overnight.And I’m still trying to…put self-love and self-care first.BB: That was a process of, over the years of my life, things that have helped me and have been super personal.I do Yoga with Adriene videos when I can’t get to a yoga class but I feel like I need to move my body, and I can do them for 10 minutes in my bedroom.

In 2013 she hosted Academy of Country Music Awards.

Her height of 5 feet 9 inch has helped to put charisma to her built.

She is seen flaunting her beautiful body in many public events in very professional manner. She everywhere poses in very professional and stylish manner. Short biography about her can be found in wiki as well as in many of the sites.

, hits shelves on May 2, sharing easy recipes and exercise tips that are perfect for a busy collegiette.

We had the chance to talk with Beth about what a “ME-tox” is, what she eats for a quick pick-me-up and why she and her grandma have a special bond over cauliflower.

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The way I picked the material for the book was truly what worked for me, and sometimes I’m not someone who forces myself to go lift weights for two hours every day if I don’t feel like it. Sometimes I like to box or sometimes I want a lighter workout or to take a walk with my dog on a hike.

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