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Uit onderzoek van de Nederlandse banken blijkt dat iedere maand ongeveer 1.300 klanten verkeerde overboekingen melden bij hun bank.Driekwart daarvan komt door het gebruik van oude rekeningnummers en vergissingen bij het gebruik van het adresboek van internetbankieren of bankieren app.

Met de IBAN-Naam Check maken we het internet- en mobielbankieren nog veiliger.

Anyway, I got called into my boss’s office at the start of my next shift and got told that someone complained about me.

I was completely puzzled because I couldn’t think of any way I’d have upset a customer…..until they showed me a series of photographs the person who must have been sitting behind me (slightly elevated due to the bus design) took of me and my phone screen saying they recognized me having served them in the store yesterday and now I was saying things like this and it reflects badly on the company and makes me look two-faced since I was polite to her yesterday and then being “nasty” about this lady.

I wrote back saying something to the effect of ‘Yesssss…I can’t be home soon enough….

I’m tired and the fat cow sitting next to me is taking up half my seat as well as hers AND hasn’t heard of deodorant.” b) It was actually, well, true.

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