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Brendon took Caite to Shaw's Crab House, where they picked up where they left off on the entertaining conversation from earlier in the week.

Much to Brendon's surprise, Caite had an omniscient, borderline witch-like intuition when she essentially used a video game cheat-code to his heart by asking how he knew Leah Pasquesi, Brendon's future sister-in-law and Keith's (at the time) beloved girlfriend. Brendon and Caite saw each other again two nights later, and the next night, and so on.

She agreed and they stopped at the top of a beautiful outlook.

Brendon got down on one knee, pulled out a little black box with a gorgeous ring, and asked Caite to marry him.

Brendon first laid eyes on Caite while she was in the throes of crushing the competition in a high-intensity beer pong game.* However, although Caite first noticed Brendon when he offered to pour her a beer from the keg, she didn't pay him much heed until he agreed to play her in pool (she did actually beat him at this).

They immediately hit it off and the star-crossed lovers talked for nearly 3 hours, until Caite had to run off to her friend's going away party.

The two of them were able to have fun with each other, even during the mundane Monday-Friday grind.

But little did Caite know, Brendon had much more in store for her.In the meantime, Caite did a bit of digging and found out that, low and behold, Brendon's brother Keith was dating Caite's friend Leah, another sorority sister.Caite unabashedly brought up this piece of info on their first date (yes, of course she had looked him up on social's 2017 after all).As soon as they arrived back at the cabin, Caite walked in the door to find her parents sitting at the kitchen table, along with Brendon's mom.Unbeknownst to Caite, Brendon had arranged for them all to fly in that morning to surprise Caite and celebrate their engagement. To top it all off, Brendon told Caite that he'd already booked the venue (the one they'd discussed) and were set to get married on September 30, 2017. Brendon had been planning the Colorado trip for quite some time.

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