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Boundaries define ownership and responsibility In a romantic relationship the “things” that to you are not as tangible as grass, trees and a house that characterize neighbor relationships.

In a romantic relationship, the boundary line helps define where you and your partner start and stop. These limits work to your benefit when each partner understand them and agrees to abide by them.

The author of Psalm 119 understood this, and he was desperate for God’s instruction.

This line is like a property line: everything on your side of the line belongs to you; everything on the other side of the line belongs to your partner.

Much is left unsaid, feelings are hurt, emotional distance widens and the result can be an unsatisfying relationship that has largely broken down. Here are some behaviors that can signal boundary problems in a romantic relationship: Healthy boundaries take practice, especially if you’ve come from a family where boundaries were unclear or barely recognized.

With practice you and your partner will be better able to identify where the boundary line should be in your relationship.

Another way of saying this: boundaries distinguish what is your responsibility in the relationship from that of your partner’s.

What is each person in the relationship responsible for?

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