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When we have a strong conception of our own identity, we can appreciate and love those qualities in our partner that make him or her a unique person.When two people come together, each with a clear definition of her or his own individuality, the potential for intimacy and commitment can be astounding.They help define which responsibilities in a relationship are yours, and which ones belong to your partner.Healthy boundaries are your way of saying, “I’ll do everything I can to take full responsibility for what’s mine.” When these lines of responsibility are clear and respected by each person, emotional intimacy has a strong foundation to grow upon.On the ground between you is a clearly marked line that stretches to the left and right as far as you can see in either direction.This line is like a property line: everything on your side of the line belongs to you; everything on the other side of the line belongs to your partner.You are entitled by law to drive in your lane but not on the other side of the road.

God’s Word became his delight because it gave him the practical answers for how to live life as a child of God on earth.Another way of saying this: boundaries distinguish what is your responsibility in the relationship from that of your partner’s.What is each person in the relationship responsible for?Boundaries define ownership and responsibility In a romantic relationship the “things” that to you are not as tangible as grass, trees and a house that characterize neighbor relationships.In a romantic relationship, the boundary line helps define where you and your partner start and stop. These limits work to your benefit when each partner understand them and agrees to abide by them.

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Their individual: That means, for example, if you don’t want to be touched because it feels bad, you have the right to say no.

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