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Douglas, 54, who lives in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, was the 42 to 1 outsider when he entered the ring In Tokyo, Japan on February 11, 1990 to take on the world champion in a match billed as ‘Tyson is back’.‘It was an enjoyable win, having everyone chanting my name, but after that I was stuck in a legal battle for about four months trying get the right to call myself champion of the world so that was pretty difficult.Coach: Douglas is now training his son Artie, 21, at the Thompson Recreation Center.

The second man was treated in hospital for cuts to his head, but has since been discharged.Workers on London Underground today voted overwhelmingly to strike in a dispute over pay, threatening massive disruption to millions of Tube travellers.Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport Union backed industrial action by 4-1 in protest at an imposed 3% wage increase.A passenger has been filmed snorting a suspicious substance from a bank card on the Tube.The bespectacled man was discretely recorded using a rolled-up bank note to inhale the white powder while travelling on the Victoria line at about 2am on Saturday.

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