Breast milk dating relationship adult

Chill, though, we all have a little freak in us,lol…I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this, been chatting to a woman on here who is into it, have to admit to being more than a little intriqued. I love it because the woman is choosing to give her Milk to me.

I can see the pleasure of suckling on big milky boobs but what's in it for the woman? And really what is wierder drinking milk from a female of your species or milk from Some animal out in the field? I loved when my wife was pregnant and she would let me suck on her breasts.

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There is a primal bonding that takes place between a woman and her baby as it suckles from her breasts.It is a fetish and everyone has one whether they admit it or not. Obviously, by my handle, you can see this subject is near and dear to me, and I get so annoyed when I read from others that this subject is a fetish, not natural or men acting like babies. Stats prove that the #1 physical feature men are drawn to in women, first, are the breasts. Not mine personally but I won't knock on someone elses. Just seems this post was more of an advertisement than a real question. I can see the pleasure of suckling on big milky boobs but what's in it for the woman? For the record, I am NOT shouldabeenblonde, I have not hacked her account and I am logged in on mine.I would like to join in this discussion, but dare not for my views being misrepresented as those of shouldabeenblonde. [email protected] Quasimodo, I take it you have no experience of this as you haven't shared any information?

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