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Ooooooh yeah, I love watching submissive little bitches kiss.” It was of course Kristen who pulled Hayden into a deep kiss, leaving Natalie out in the cold for a few long minutes.Then Hayden broke the kiss with her girlfriend so she could turn around and ‘plant one’ on Natalie, the Oscar winner eagerly kissing back.It had only happened a few times, mostly last time when Mila and Laura were fucking each other for dominance, but boy was it memorable, especially when she had been in the same position Laura was now in.Oh yes, Natalie remembered how amazing it felt to get tongue fucked by Kristen while Hayden’s pretty little face was buried in between her cheeks, so part of her was very much jealous of Laura.Or more accurately more jealous, given that even though she adored giving girls rim jobs it meant that she wouldn’t be the one tasting girl cum in a few minutes. She wasn’t really worried about it, as she would no doubt have plenty other chances to eat the pussies of Mila and Laura. Later it would be Natalie and Kristen who would be officially rewarded for it with a mouthful of girl cum, but Hayden felt proud of herself for her contribution.Mostly though she was hoping that she would be allowed to prepare the asses of Natalie and Kristen for their inevitable anal pounding, and her own ass would soon be licked and strap-on fucked.I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Which wasn’t exactly surprising, but it still made Hayden feel jealous. In the meantime Hayden was doing one of her favourite things in the world, eating yummy girl ass.

Luckily her two tops weren’t too far away from each other, so it didn’t take Hayden long to crawl the short distance between them and bury her face within Mila’s cheeks and start doing the same thing she had been doing to Laura, that being eagerly licking her ass, not just lapping up and down but swirling her tongue around the hole so she could give it a proper massage.

She even sucked it a little, and teased fucking it, by wrapping her mouth tightly around the butt hole in front of her or poking it with her tongue. Worship them, and the women they were attached too. Because as much as she loved taking the initiative, she loved being ordered around like a submissive slut even more.

She also knew the joy of teaming up with one or both of the blondes to make Laura or Mila feel good, so another part of her wish they would help her out now.

Of course a bigger part of her was happy to have Mila all to herself, although sadly that didn’t last.

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Turning to her new partner Mila asked, “Laura, I hope you aren’t planning to hog that ass licker all to yourself, are you?

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