Bsd updating software

Simple enough, you say, I’ll just install the new version of Firefox also. except it might not be just Firefox, and there might be a chain of dependencies that have to be updated in a particular order.

For example, Firefox depends a bunch of things that depend on the tiff library, which in turn depends on jpeg.

This flexibility, coupled with the project’s continued commitment to stability, security and scalability made Free BSD the right choice for most of our web development projects…

Netgate is committed to giving back its bug fixes and enhancements and continuing its financial assistance of the Free BSD project.

We encourage anyone so-inclined to donate to the Free BSD Foundation as well.

Free BSD plays a major role in our flagship product, the Remote Business Accelerator.

Though the majority of our team has roots in Linux, Free BSD was selected for its lean footprint, extensive ports tree, and carrier grade applications supported on this incredibly stable operating system.

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