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Miles of forest surrounded the lake and the trees were mostly capped with lovely white snow.

Since we were in a cove which limited the side views, Mom excitedly called out, "Let's walk out to the end of the dock and look at the lake view!

There was a fleeting spark of eroticism as I saw my mother standing there naked, but it passed with the emergency of the situation.

We quickly slid into the sleeping bag with about as much grace as possible, being totally frozen, naked, and being a Mother and son.

I immediately rolled on my side facing my mother and said, "We need to hug and share body heat" and wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

While turning to look a different direction, Mom slipped on the ice and fell into the icy lake.

She completely submerged for a second and then broke the surface gasping in the icy water.

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All my life I wanted to make love to my Mother, and here I was with her naked in my arms.

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