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By not getting tangled up in psychology, the filmmakers keep our focus where it should be, on two human beings who fall in love.Awkward at first and not understanding his own feelings, Winchell (Troy Garity) is tentative and unfailingly polite with Calpernia (Lee Pace), calling to mind a pimply teenage boy trying to muster the courage to ask a popular cheerleader out.There are combatants of trans progression who have influence in the media, and that are inflicting fearful and inhumane blurs of trans people through the unacceptable depictions they make of them (such as the caricatures we see of trans women on the screen).

If Tinsel Town and the news refuse to reflect us as decent people who deserve respect and love, then we will help them along and produce our own images”.In 1999, while working as a performer, Addams began dating PFC Barry Winchell.Word of the relationship spread at Winchell's Army base where he was harassed by fellow soldiers and ultimately murdered.Because socially conscious trans women are organizing this show, the integrity of the message is bound to humanize this community, who often feel marginalized and unheard. Behar was right on point in expressing that there has been a recent tidal wave of trans visibility in the media, from television, movies, documentaries and print.Joy Behar said it the best on “The View” last fall when she said, “This is the year of the “trannie”! However, having visibility is not necessarily better then having no visibility at all.

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