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great many pictures will centre around Moray and undoubtedly there will be other familiar and not so familiar locations displayed in all shapes, sizes and finishes upon the gallery walls adjacent to the Elgin Library at Cooper Park Elgin.

One other very useful sideline is access to more reliable weather conditions than might be found in early March and February, a real bonus should you plan to explore the island as otherwise you could find yourself confined to Reine, not a bad place to hole up in by any means but variety is the spice of life.We marvelled at our encounters with these animals which weren't just on show in game reserves, but just as likely witnessed at the side of a road.In Britain the largest animal we regularly come across is a red deer stag, but even so homosapien is undoubtedly king.I hope to be around at the gallery on a number of occasions particularly at weekends that I am not running a workshop or masterclass and I will be delighted to meet you, answer any questions I can and of course offer advice on any of the pictures, cards and books on sale.Bookings are as usual on a first come first served basis.

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