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This is one of the reasons that it is not investigated with the kind of vigor that would eventually make a difference.

You should report your crime even if it is only added to the crime statistics.

Eventually, legislators and law enforcement will recognize that it has reached an epidemic level and will begin to take it seriously.

You must take this seriously, get an attorney and contact : Ask your bank to place a warning about counterfeit checks at all tellers' windows to protect uninformed customers and to protect the bank from losses that are resulting from the victims' inability to repay the lost funds.If you are charged criminally after depositing an unknown counterfeit check into your checking account, you are not alone. If this happens to you, you will need an attorney who understands the full operation behind a Nigerian Scam.Do not think the charges will be dropped if you just explain yourself to the judge.If you are not sure where the thief lives and you want to research it in order to provide law enforcement with the information, CUFF will research it for you: The U. Secret Service investigates counterfeit check fraud, so you should also report the crime to this agency.If the check came by mail or wire, you should report it to the Postal Inspection Service.

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And it also increases the crime statistics for fraud, which is necessary to attract the attention of the legislators who fund law enforcement agencies.

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