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CBC News in Edmonton has detailed a number of sexual assault cases affected by the Jordan ruling, including two stayed in October 2016, one in Fort Mc Murray and the other in Grand Prairie. has been affected less so far by delays than other sizable Canadian provinces, but some lawyers are trying.

In February, the Edmonton Crown stayed 15 cases due to a "lack of resources," including two for assaulting a peace officer. Peter Beckett's lawyers, for example, are seeking a stay for the former New Zealand politician who has been in custody for seven years and faces an August first-degree murder trial.

Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham, 31, is in the process of being deported to Sri Lanka.

He came to Canada as a refugee and was charged with second-degree in the August 2012 death of his wife, Anuja Baskaran.

(Graham Hughes/Canadian Press) The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday in a case involving a Newfoundland man accused of drug offences has upheld the principles of a ruling from last year regarding reasonable timelines for criminal cases. Jordan, imposed a period of 18 months for lower court cases to be finished, and 30 months for a Superior Court case to be finished.

The court did allow that there should be a transitional period for cases already in the system While it's affected hundreds of cases, one law school study suggested that applications for stays have increased but not skyrocketed in the first months since last year's ruling.

31, 2016, according to statistics obtained through a freedom of information request.

Adam Picard, former veteran who served in Afghanistan, was charged in December 2012 with first-degree murder in the Ottawa area of an acquaintance, Fouad Nayel.

The justice granted the stay despite the defence having contributed to about 40 per cent of a five-year delay.The New Brunswick Court of Appeal in a late 2016 decision agreed to stay six charges faced by a man referred to only as D. His trial was twice interrupted, including a delay of a year in one instance.A Nova Scotia judge stayed a charge of sexual assault against Behrang Foroughi-Mobarakeh in April, involving an alleged incident at his home in March 2014.He remained in custody until November 2016, when on the eve of jury selection an Ontario Superior Court Justice agreed to a defence request to stay the charges.The ruling is being appealed, and the parents of the slain man this week told CBC News the process has been "hell." Meanwhile, an Ottawa judge stayed some charges involving a teenager who allegedly sexual assaulted a toddler at his mother's daycare due to unreasonable delays.

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