Carbon 14 dating theory

THE UNIFORMITARIAN MODEL The first category we will consider is models that assume strict uniformitarianism.

The C/C ratio in the biosphere had been slowly dropping over the 100-200 years prior to the nuclear age, apparently due to the introduction of essentially "dead" carbon from the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, etc. The C/C ratio between 15, or the increase between 16, has not been correlated with any causative human activity.Although the existence of a very low level of carbon-14 in ancient or antediluvian fossil material, for example Pennsylvanian coal (conventional age ~350,000,000 years) is controversial (see discussion below), it is universally agreed that the level of carbon-14 in such materials is at least very low, if not non-existent.There are five other less universally accepted constraints that determine which of the eight categories of models will be chosen: How important one considers each of these constraints determines which category of model will be most appealing.Citations of uncalibrated carbon-14 dates in the professional literature use this model by convention. The uniformitarianism model assumes that the ratio of carbon-14 to ordinary carbon (the C/C ratio) in the atmosphere has always been constant at its present value (100 percent modern carbon, sometimes written as 100 pmc).According to this model, plants that get their carbon from the atmosphere would incorporate carbon with a constant C/C ratio.

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One cannot simply dismiss it out of hand; there should be an explanatory model for the data.

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