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erm they just go out onto the balcony, but the interesting thing is that their personality has seemed to have changed in every country they live in.So Masha used not to be very friendly towards people, as she’s got older, she’s now quite a cuddly cat.

Then we moved to Mexico and we had a house with a garden so we had to build a special fence that kind of curled in on itself so that the cats would climb up and then feel that they were starting to fall down so they climbed back down again. erm this time last year so now they are ‘flat cats’, erm, they’ve not been squashed, they just live in our flat, live in our apartment and they don’t go out…Read on to find out more about the original video, as well as to check out ten of our favorite e Harmony Video Bio parodies.‘e Harmony Video Bio’ was uploaded to You Tube earlier this month on June 3, but started taking off mid-last week.Any way you look at it, though, these cats are looking pretty wild! Hearing cats experiencing severe respiratory issues and death from usage of Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter.

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