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Die Folgen sind gravierend: Rumänien hat, gemeinsam mit Bulgarien, den höchsten Anteil minderjähriger Mütter in der EU.

Denn das Reden über Sex ist für viele in Rumänien noch immer ein Tabu.

Even though I am super open about bodily functions, I teach my daughter to protect her body, which I think is super important these days.

I am NOT the mom that you see at the NYC playground with a topless eight-year-old girl playing in the sprinklers.

I pee in front of her, and I even dump my menstrual cup blood in front of her (I don’t know do other parents get privacy in the bathroom?

I don’t.) When she says “ewww” I say, yeah, but remember, it’s natural, and that’s how come I was able to have YOU – therefore, it is the best blood in the world!

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