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No one wants to deter a good shopper, but at some point a person’s returns overwhelm the value of his/her purchases and send that customer into a negative margin situation. Shoplifting with a receipt: Many thieves will shoplift with intent to return for full retail price.

The classic example is when the fraudster makes a purchase, takes the item to his/her car, returns to the store immediately with receipt in hand, selects another of the same item from the shelf and proceeds to the return counter claiming he/she “changed his/her mind.” The receipt is valid and the return looks legitimate, but you’ve essentially paid this person for keeping your merchandise. Returning old/damaged merchandise: The process for consumers is simple: buy to replace old/broken item, keep new, return old.

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The printed receipt is often the primary credential that confirms a return transaction’s integrity, but it doesn’t eliminate fraud.Tom Rittman is VP of marketing for The Retail Equation, a leader in optimizing retailers’ revenue and margin by shaping behavior in every customer transaction.The company’s solutions use predictive analytics to turn each individual shopper visit into a more profitable experience. unit paid no corporation tax in the last three years for which figures are available and has only paid 8.6 million pounds income tax since 1998, despite racking up 3 billion pounds (.8 billion) of sales, said.This system uses the retailer to keep personal items “up-to-date” at the retailer’s cost. Shoplisting: Also known as “shoplifting using found receipts,” fraudsters shoplist by using a discarded or stolen valid receipt as a shopping list to find items in a retail store and return them for a refund. Employee theft: Associates can usually find a valid receipt in the POS system to return items. Reselling: Another simple process for fraudsters: purchase, sell elsewhere, return unsold.In this case, the retailer is being used for free inventory. Tender liquidation: Consumers may buy on one form of tender (maybe even a stolen credit card) and exchange once or several times to switch to merchandise credit, which becomes saleable in an online marketplace.

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