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FICTOR® manages the whole printing process, from the file processing in real time to the realization of the model, eliminating the times of pre-processing generally performed by 3D editing software..FICTOR® directly controls the 3D printer just by specifying the building material and it performs ongoing calculations (slicing, compensations, etc.). Now a number of entrepreneurs and Web tinkerers are hoping to spin that concept into business opportunities -- while keeping the creep factor to a minimum.One of them is Matt Hunter, a 27-year-old software developer in San Francisco who created Text Slide.

Instead of interacting with users directly on the platform they held a contest challenging male Chatrouletters to boldly go where no man has gone before, and get a date on Chatroulette.

Buzz TV, an “intense” Spanish television station, put together a murderous Chatroulette campaign to prove just how intense they are.

The campaign, known as the Chatroulette Killer, showed a girl getting her throat slid by a creepy masked killer.

But now Jenna Wortham brings word of a host of startups that are trying to capture the magic of the site without all the grossness.

But there was something enduring about Chatroulette's mash-up of serendipity and human connections.

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