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Nitin managed to stagger 300 metres to Hungry Jacks but he was dying when he reached his workmates and by the time the ambulance reached the hospital he had gone.Nitin's death follows a series of incidents over three years, affecting young South Asians in Australia, largely students. The attacks are mostly centred on the western suburbs of Melbourne, which have a high concentration of non-European people.Faculty, administrators and students are more likely than most people to have international experience and acquire a cosmopolitan outlook.Many university leaders have become centrally concerned with global strategy.

University World News or Higher Education Web Publishing does not necessarily endorse, support, sanction, encourage, verify or agree with any comments, opinions or statements or other content provided by readers.Solutions in this sector will set precedents, and help to develop new thinking about the tense relationship between the global and national dimensions of human action, again so apparent in Copenhagen. Sometimes studies in which n = 1 can tell us more than surveys of whole populations.Consider Nitin Garg whose home was Jagaraon in the Ludhiana district in the Punjab.The recession has dealt a powerful temporary blow to some national higher education systems and parts of systems, including many American states.It has created downward pressures on access and quality. It will be harder to undo the damage to the quality of teaching and learning. The recession has also led to cuts in international programmes. In the past a sudden increase in cost pressures would have taken international activity right out, because international activity was marginal to nationally defined activity. Consider the strategic importance of the global market in doctoral education, for nations investing in k-economy talent. Higher education and research are highly globalised compared to most sectors.

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I want to take up an issue that goes to the heart of higher education, especially research universities, around the world.

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